Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekend Reading - Holmes on the Range

I like when bloggers cover a specific topic on a set day every week (see Boston Gal's Friday Sale posts or Melissa Morris' Monty Mondays) so I'm going to try that for a while on this blog and see how it goes. Each week I'll suggest a good weekend read that's season/weather/mood appropriate.

If you're so inclined, you can do as I do and sign up for Border's Rewards, to get a 25-30% off coupon every week by email and on every receipt. (in case you're wondering, I'm not making any money for this plug, I just love Borders). For mystery books also check out Kate's Mystery Books near Porter Square. That's where I got this week's book.

This week I'm reading "Holmes on the Range" by Steve Hockensmith. I just checked it on amazon and it's apparently a series, but it works as a stand-alone book too. The main characters are a pair of cowboy brothers -- a wannabe Sherlock Holmes, and his defacto Watson. The book is full of rough and tumble cowhands and bigger than the Montana sky characters. It's an easy book to get back into if you've set it aside for a while or gotten distracted, so I'd recommend it for a plane ride, weekend trip, beach outing, or morning commute.


Cammila said...

Re: your comment on that 50' repro dress: It's funny you should say that because the print was called "atomic." At least it's funny if you assume all references to science are the same. Which I guess in a Jetson's universe, they are!

I've been getting into a bit of a reading rut, myself. I went through a bunch of McCarthy, and after a while the bleakness and verbosity were making me depressed. So then after buzzing through Microserfs, I found myself hungering for more Douglas Coupland, so I went through a few more of his, only to be reminded that all his other books are fraught with sadness and ennui. So I then I went through some more Chuck Palahniuk, only to be reminded that his stories, however, bizarre, are all written from the same weird template.

Of course, maybe part of my problem is in going through multiple-book chunks of authors like this. Regardless, thanks for the suggestion, I think I'll try this Hockensmith book. Sounds fun!

Kayleigh said...

That is funny! After I commented I looked at the dress again and realized it has a lot of Pacific kind of stuff going on too so then I thought maybe Jetsons was all in my mind. Thanks for the validation. I'm revising my assessment to "Jetson's on Hawaiian vacation".

I haven't read any Douglas Coupland or McCarthy although they're both on my list of writers I need to get to. The books I read always affect my mental state so I need to manage like a 60:40 ratio of upbeat/positive reading material to sadness/ennui reading materials to keep from getting depressed. The upbeat books go down so much faster that I usually need two or three cozy mysteries or cute dog books for every serious work I read, so it sometimes takes me a while to get to the serious works. Chuck Palahniuk I read a lot of in college but I think I've already read all the ones with subjects that interest me. It makes me a little sad because I wish I could read them again for the first time.