Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Scrapbooking Steals

Today's fall-ish weather had me wanting to shop in the worst way, so I decided to take a trip to A. C. Moore for some art supplies.

Having never been to an A. C. Moore before, I didn't know what to expect. I found it to be much smaller than Michaels, with a disappointingly small selection of what-the-hell crafts. One thing I love about Michaels is I am guaranteed to find at least one bizzare craft-in-a-box kit that I can't wait to take home and sew/engrave/bake/all three. A. C. Moore was pretty bare bones, which I suppose probably saved me some money.

I wanted to check them out because every week the Globe runs their ad and it always has some really enticing items in it. This week the ad featured 40% off any full price item with a coupon and advertised that all K & Company items were 40% off. I've blogged before about my love for the K & Company scrapbooks, but my passion for all the other assorted pages, stencils, cutouts, and doodads they make borders on obsession. (oh yeah, and their borders!) I must have read that ad 20 times because I was afraid I'd gotten it wrong, but no - every K & Company item -- including the hard-to-find expander pages was 40% off. And, to top it off, a lot of those items were already on sale or reduced.

So I went, I spent, and I made a killing! Check out this haul (above), all for 40% off!
I was particularly excited by this sort of mix-pack the store put together of all different random doodads. Maybe you can see in the picture, it's labeled $49.99. That's the value of the decorations contained in the pack. The normal, every day price for the pack is $19.99. It was all K & Company, so I got 40% off of that -- just $11 bucks! The best part is that it's all mix/match stuff that I would never buy separately so I have a lot of cheap weird materials to work with and get creative on. I opened up the package and look how much was in there. Some cutouts, some glitter stickers, ribbons, alphabet stick-ons and my favorite, rub-ons. I could go on, but the night is young and I have a whole stack of photos just waiting to go into the book.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that really sounds like a great deal! I love finding weird little things to craft with. In fact, I am thinking of having another craft party sometime soon.