Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Arts & Crafts

Happy Labor Day Everyone!

Although this is traditionally a holiday I plan some sort of travel over, this year finances dictated I hang around a little closer to home. Instead, I've been working on my new novel, catching up on Netflix, and doing some scrapbooking.

I made a few changes to my scrapbook, going back to include some holidays and events I'd skipped over before and inserting season markers to give the book a better sense of chronology. The season marker pages are pretty plain, but set the tone for the pages that follow. For example, I used a spooky silouette of a graveyard over an orange background for the Fall page, and glittery flower designs in bright colors for summer.

And, of course, I added our recent trip to the midwest including my Mom's birthday extravaganza and our trip to Shipshewanna. Here are some pics, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

That looks great! I haven't ever done scrapbooking, but we're starting to work on altered books over here. It's pretty fun.

Kayleigh ShoenTell said...

That sounds interesting. What's an altered book?

Anonymous said...

It's a book that's been altered into an art project. Here is a much better explanation that I could give you on my own.