Friday, March 20, 2009

Great Boston Dentist

This week I had my semi-annual dentist checkup/cleaning, this time with a new dentist. My old dentist, who I loved, moved away from the Boston area last year, and I wasn’t happy with the other dentists I saw at that office (no horror stories, so I won’t name names). I’ve been on the lookout for a new dentist ever since, and was intrigued a few months back when The Missus posted a recommendation for Dr. Geoffrey Davis

After my first visit, I’m over the moon! I’ve had some bad experiences with Boston area dentists in the past, but Dr. Davis and his staff made me feel comfortable and confident in their abilities. The location couldn’t be more convenient, the office was clean and welcoming, and everyone there was personable and able to answer my questions.

I was especially impressed with their reaction to one issue I’d been worried about for a while. When I was younger I had braces to straighten my teeth, but I’ve noticed over the years my lower teeth are pushing forward and starting to crowd together. My old dentist assured me that it’s normal for teeth to move forward as people age, and she offered to give me the name of an orthodontist if I wanted to have a retainer made to stop it from getting worse. But, I was concerned about the cost and going to the trouble of making a series of appointments with an orthodontist. When I brought up the issue with Dr. Davis he was able to quote me a price for the retainer right then and there. I said I did want to go ahead with having one made, and he was able to make the mold for me at the same appointment, and send the mold to the company that makes the retainers. I really appreciated that he was knowledgeable and proactive about my concern. Now I just have to wait 2 weeks for the retainer to come in.

I’m happy to check “Get New Dentist” off my 2009 Resolutions, and would definitely recommend Dr. Davis to anyone else out there looking to switch.

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