Wednesday, January 14, 2009

GG Bahstun Style

The one redeeming feature of Mondays is Monday night tv. But this Monday night Gossip Girl outdid itself. As if the ridiculously twisted and twisty storyline wasn’t enough -- with Serena trying to kiss and make up with Dan, who’s trying to pretend that he isn’t concealing from her that they share a sibling and thus are practically FAMILY, and that their on again off again parents Rufus and Lily are right this minute out looking for said sibling and probably hooking up in some posh hotel with Lily’s dead husband’s money, and then the show’s writers go and have the kid be from BOSTON and they use real shots of the skyline in the neighborhoods where Rufus and Lily might actually stay – namely the ultra expensive waterfront and there’s not a Citgo sign or Redline car to be seen and I am in heaven when all of a sudden for the cherry on top the new best character on the show, Jack Bass drops the crisp society dialect and says something like “Kid you wicked scroooed.” For a minute Greg and I stared at eachother like did you just hear that? And Greg says “He’s from Boston.” Although it’s not clear whether “he” is just the actor or the character too. Then, a few minutes later the JackbAss is up to trouble again and out comes the accent again! LOVE IT!
I’m looking forward to more Gossip Girl in coming weeks if this is what’s to come. It’ll definitely counteract some of my displeasure at the promised return of Georgina.
Sidenote – HIMYM also great this week. Thanks for not forgetting Stinbastky. Just 5 more days till more good tv…

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Anonymous said...

I haven't ever seen Gossip Girl, but this kind of makes me want to!