Sunday, January 4, 2009

I am not getting sick I am not getting sick I am not...

This year there seem to be a few particularly bad strains of cold & flu making the rounds. I was knocked out of commission for an entire week last month, and Greg was sick for almost the entirety of his two week vacation around xmas/new years. Again, this morning, I woke up with the telltale sore throat and grumpy attitude that precedes illness.

I absolutely can't get sick again already. I refuse to! So today while my vacation pictures were printing at Walgreens, I stocked up on a few precautions for the coming days. I'm gonna knock this cold out before it can take hold. Also on my list -- lots of fluids, good fats & proteins, plenty of sleep, a minimal amount of sugar, and crossed fingers. Have I missed anything?


Anonymous said...

I was fighting off a cold all through Christmas week, but thankfully it never got past the irritating sore throat and scattered sneezes stage. I thank the copious amounts of Odwalla Strawberry C Monster and chamomile tea with raw honey for that. Good luck, Kayleigh! You can fight it!

Kayleigh ShoenTell said...

I'll have to try the strawberry C monster. Odwallas are so good. I could eat just those all day long.

I'm glad to see your able to post under your "real name" again instead of anonymous. Maybe the blogger/lj war of 08 is finally over.