Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, New Netflix

I love New Years because it’s the ultimate Introspective Person’s Holiday. It’s the perfect time for exhaustive organizing projects – clean out the sock drawer, throw out the stale food in the back of the cupboard, donate the uncomfortable sweater buried in the back of the closet. Somehow, throwing out the old always has the effect of bringing buried treasures to the surface. I challenge you to clean out your closet without discovering at least one forgotten item that you’ll be excited about bringing back into rotation. And the mental comfort of a clean closet? Ahh.. nothing better.

This morning I’m taking a hatchet to my Netflix Queue. I know there’s some good stuff in there somewhere, but lately it just seems like bummer after bummer in a red envelope. Somehow my list of movies to rent has gone from a pleasure to a chore. I find myself watching the movies, in the rare event I can bring myself to, just to clear them out of my list and move on to one I’ll enjoy. There’s a marked disparity between the kinds of movies I want to watch –attractive actors and lots of comedy – versus the kind of movies I want to want to watch – drama, documentary, and “classics”. So, today I’m going to face facts and put the queue in line with my movie desires. Bye-bye Decalogue, any tv series that only lasted 1 season before being “tragically cancelled” in the early nineties, reality shows, and anything about Tom Selleck, Jimmy Stewart or surfers. Going into the list? Nothing but fun.

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