Monday, January 5, 2009

on my butt

Reading New Moon must be going to my head. I seem to have picked up Bella Swan's clumsiness as I made it a full 2 steps out of my building this morning before going ass over teakettle down the icy front steps. I laid in the yard for about 10 minutes in agony wishing some sympathetic vampire would wisk me away. To no avail. I had to make my way back up the same steps so I could clean myself off and assess the damage.

Various random places on my body are sore now (left knee, right thigh, right shoulder, neck) but the bruises are being very slow to form, not a good sign. If only I could have some of those werewolf healing powers. *sigh*


Julia said...
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Anonymous said...

Yeah, me too. Tried to take the recycling down to the curb, got to the top step, and whoosh! Scrapes on left palm and right elbow, bruised back and right hip. Awesome.

I think the ice was sneaky! It didn't look like there was any at all.

Kayleigh ShoenTell said...

ouch! Hopefully you didn't fall on any recycling or get badly hurt.

The ice was definitely extra slippery. As I stepped outside, I remember noticing it and smugly in my mind thinking "some idiot is going to slip on this". lo and behold, I was that idiot.