Friday, January 9, 2009

Naked Smoothies

I've never been much of a juice drinker, even less so since I read The South Beach Diet books and realized just how much sugar is in a glass of juice, for not a lot of nutrients. But, this week I've had a cold that won't die and a giant bruise that I'm anxious to be rid of. The prevailing wisdom is that massive amounts of vitamins will cure both, so for the past couple of days I've been mainlining juices in the hopes of speeding my recovery. Shockingly -- it seems to be working! Today for the first day I was able to ride the subway cough-free without the aid of liquids or cough drops. And, my bruise is noticably better - a cheery yellow instead of blacky-purple.

I'll go out on a limb and attribute the cure to the Naked Protein smoothies I had yesterday and this morning. With 30 grams of protein and 300% of the rda for vitamin C, it seems like a good compromise between SBD and a juice-cure. And, it's really delicious. Sort of like a cross between an Orange Julius and Eggnog, but in a good way. It's creamy (it has a soy base, not milk, so no lactose), with a satisfying meal-supplement texture unlike the citric-acid-rotting-your-teeth-out-of-your-face mouth feel that orange juice has.

Anyway, after this week I'll go back to coffee, tea or water, because these smoothies do have a lot of sugar, but next time I'm sick I'll be sure to stock up. If you like juice, you should try one too. It could be a decent breakfast on the go or midday snack.

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