Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolutions 2009

This year I have a long list of Resolutions, but most only require a few hours' work, so I'm optimistic I'll complete most of them. A brief overview:

2009 Resolutions:
1. Change to a new doctor and dentist (I have new ones in mind, just need to do the work of switching)
2. Visit a new city (Washington, D.C. is what I have in mind, but as a backup I could count our May trip to Atlanta. Technically, I did visit when my Dad lived there, but we didn't go into the city or do anything more than hang out at their house so the city will still be new to me.)
3. Remember to send birthday cards for immediate family + aunts and uncles. (total of 17 to remember.)
4. Visit vocal therapist (hopefully I can get a referral)
5. Increase payments on student loans
6. Start regular contribution to new savings account for house/condo/whatever someday
7. Complete the final The Artists Way book
8. Learn to knit
9. Take beginning Greek 2 class
10. Finish draft of book (this one is the biggie)
11. Write and post 100 blogposts in 2009 (2 down, just 98 to go...)

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